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Chronicles of a Warrior
Chronicles of a Warrior
Stainless steel

Chronicles of a Warrior

I am wounded and tired
From luring them in this place
In this valley…
Where their fathers killed my father
They are armed to the teeth
Some of them are even brandishing
Some of my own weapons that I had to leave
Behind on the battlefield
Now I am almost on my knees
But my shield is holding me from collapsing
They are so many…too many
Even for the Lord of Wars
Who broke his sword and his shield
They know that I am lost
But as the hunter still fears the wounded lion
They step back when I push a loud breath
The clouds are gathering so the sun
Doesn’t witness my fall
The valley is cold but my sweat is burning
My eyes and my wounds
I hear my heart beating…
I hear the voice telling me to stand up
And fight

Awarded First Place at the American Iron 9th Annual “Art of Recycling” Contest in Minneapolis, MN (July 2009).